Mail delivery platform: a high volume, multi-provider, multi-cloud environment


SysDojo partnered with a client in need of robust email processing capabilities, successfully managing over 100,000 emails monthly while ensuring high delivery rates. Leveraging FlexOps and automation tools like Terraform and Ansible, SysDojo streamlined infrastructure management, enabling rapid deployment and scalability. Additionally, GoLang API development enhanced interactivity and functionality. This collaboration resulted in a specialized, multi-cloud solution tailored to the client’s unique needs, integrating cutting-edge technologies for reliability, scalability, and efficiency.

SysDojo's professionalism, dedication to quality and ability to quickly deliver a prototype made them our go-to partner for Managed Services. We are glad we chose SysDojo for their efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We were looking for a solution partner to help quickly design a prototype for our platform. SysDojo not only understood our requirements but were able to put a prototype together for us very quickly for a reasonable price. Once we decided to engage further we have made them our main partner for the Managed Service. We are glad we chose SysDojo for their professionalism and dedication to quality what stands out. Thank you SysDojo Team!

Michael Benson

Michael Benson



  1. High-Delivery Email Platform: The customer needed a robust solution for their mail platform capable of handling over 100,000 emails per month while maintaining high delivery rates, necessitating a complex, multi-cloud and multi-provider infrastructure.
  2. Scalability and Performance: The solution required not only the capability to scale effectively as demand increased but also needed to be fast and reliable to support the intensive email traffic and operational demands.
  3. Customized Cloud Environment: IThe clients demanded a highly customized environment, integrating multiple cloud services to create a seamless and efficient system for their high-delivery mail platform.
  4. Multifaceted Cloud Integration: The deployment involved meticulous planning to integrate various cloud providers and services, ensuring that the entire infrastructure could support the extensive email operations without compromising on speed or scalability.


  1. FlexOps and Automation Tools Integration: The customer capitalized on SysDojo’s expertise in Flex Ops, using Terraform and Ansible to automate infrastructure management and provisioning. This approach facilitated rapid deployment and scalable configuration of their cloud environment.
  2. GoLang API Development: SysDojo leveraged GoLang to develop robust APIs, enhancing the interactivity and functionality of customer’s infrastructure. This custom API development ensured tailored solutions that met specific operational requirements.
  3. Managed Service Provider Collaboration: As a Managed Service Provider, SysDojo played a pivotal role in closely collaborating with the customer. This partnership focused on building a customized infrastructure that was meticulously tailored to align with the clients’ unique needs and specifications.
  4. Customized Infrastructure Solution: The collaboration led to the creation of a specialized infrastructure solution that integrated cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. This infrastructure was designed to support the high demands of customer’s services, ensuring reliability, scalability, and efficiency.


  1. High-Volume Email Processing: With the support of SysDojo, the customer successfully managed over 100,000 emails per month, achieving high delivery rates that met their operational expectations and requirements..
  2. Scalable Infrastructure: SysDojo implemented a scalable solution, ensuring that the infrastructure could accommodate increasing email volumes without sacrificing performance or reliability.
  3. Multi-Provider, Multi-Cloud Environment: The solution included a multi-provider and multi-cloud approach, which allowed for enhanced flexibility and redundancy, minimizing downtime and optimizing resource use across different platforms.
  4. Customization and Speed: SysDojo tailored the cloud environment to meet the specific needs of the customer, ensuring that the solution was not only fast but also highly customized to align with their business processes and goals.


SysDojo was instrumental in helping build a highly customised, multi-provider, multi-cloud environment for our high-delivery mail platform. Our expertise in DevOps, Terraform, Ansible, and GoLang API development made the process seamless and scalable.

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