Scaling ResiVPN for niche market success with custom solutions




ResiVPN is a niche VPN provider catering to users seeking unique per-user IP addresses, robust security, and ease of IP management. With a no-log policy and a focus on privacy, ResiVPN stands out in the competitive VPN market.

Partnering with Sysdojo has been transformative for ResiVPN.

Their expertise in scalable IP management, security, and automation has enabled us to provide a top-tier service to our users. The integration of Grafana has revolutionized our monitoring capabilities, ensuring we maintain the highest standards of service. We are excited about our ongoing collaboration and the continuous improvements it brings to our platform.

Linus Larsen



  1. Unique IP Management: Need for a scalable solution to manage unique IPs for each user.
  2. Security: Ensuring robust security with a no-log policy.
  3. Deployment Efficiency: Automating deployments to minimize manual intervention.
  4. Observability: Implementing comprehensive monitoring to maintain service reliability.


  1. Scalable IP Management: Leveraged custom scripts to automate IP assignments and management, ensuring each user receives a unique IP address.
  2. Ansible-Driven Deployments: Automated infrastructure deployments using Ansible, ensuring consistency and reducing deployment times.
  3. IPsec/IKEv2 Implementation: Deployed IPsec/IKEv2 protocols to enhance security and encryption, aligning with ResiVPN’s no-log policy.
  4. Grafana for Observability: Integrated Grafana to provide real-time monitoring and visualization, improving operational insights and uptime.


  1. Enhanced Security: Strengthened security with IPsec/IKEv2, meeting stringent no-log policy requirements.
  2. Scalability: Achieved efficient management of unique user IPs, supporting a growing user base.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Reduced deployment times and errors through Ansible automation.
  4. Improved Monitoring: Implemented Grafana for comprehensive observability, ensuring high service availability and performance.
  5. Ongoing Partnership: Sysdojo continues to advise ResiVPN’s board, providing strategic guidance and technical expertise to support their evolving needs and ensure sustained growth and innovation in the VPN market.


Our tailored solutions have empowered to deliver a unique and secure VPN service, meeting the demands of their niche market. Through continuous innovation and strategic advice, we help ResiVPN maintain a competitive edge and deliver exceptional value to their users.

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