AWS Cloud cost optimization: a healthcare industry case


We were able able to identify the areas where cost savings could be introduced. We proposed better AWS resource management and appropriate services to support the HIPAA compliance and help their business grow. We were able to optimize their cloud spend by saving an average 20% of their total cloud spend by introducing different tiering to their EKS solution, optimized storage based on data retention and availability.

Today's healthcare solutions embody the convergence of technology and wellness, offering a gateway to accessible and personalized care anytime, anywhere.

They bridge the gap between patients and providers, revolutionizing healthcare delivery with convenience and efficiency.


  1. Assessment of healthcare infrastructure: Our team was tasked with evaluating the existing infrastructure of a healthcare industry client, characterized by extensive data storage in the range of petabytes. The assessment aimed to gain insights into the current state of their AWS infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement and cost optimization.
  2. Optimization of costs: We were asked to find out the solution to optimize the cloud spend by saving an average 20% of their total cloud spend while improving storage based on data retention and availability.


  1. Identification of cost-saving opportunities: Through a comprehensive analysis, we pinpointed specific areas within the client’s AWS environment where cost savings could be realized. This involved scrutinizing various aspects such as resource utilization, storage requirements, and service usage patterns to identify inefficiencies and opportunities for
  2. Proposed resource management and compliance support: Based on our assessment, we recommended strategies for improved AWS resource management tailored to the healthcare industry’s regulatory requirements, including HIPAA and compliance. Our proposed solutions ensured that the client’s infrastructure not only met stringent compliance standards but also
    provided a scalable and secure foundation for future growth.
  3. Cloud spend optimization: A key objective of our engagement was to optimize the client’s cloud expenditure while maintaining or enhancing service levels. By implementing targeted optimizations and adopting best practices, we achieved an average cost reduction of 20% across their total cloud spend.
  4. Implementation of optimization strategies: To achieve cost savings, we introduced various optimization measures tailored to the client’s needs and usage patterns. This included implementing tiered storage solutions within their Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) environment, optimizing storage configurations based on data retention and availability
  5. Tiered storage and EKS optimization: Within the EKS environment, we introduced tiered storage solutions to align storage costs with data access patterns and priority levels. By optimizing storage tiers based on the frequency of data access and the importance of data, we ensured efficient resource allocation and minimized unnecessary expenditure on
    high-cost storage options.


  1. Business impact: We have improved the efficiency and performance of their AWS infrastructure.
  2. Financial impact: By optimizing resource utilization and aligning services with compliance requirements, we provided a cost-effective solution that supported the client’s business objectives and facilitated future growth in the healthcare industry.


Our endeavor to optimize cloud expenditure and bolster infrastructure efficiency in the healthcare sector yielded remarkable results. Through meticulous assessment and tailored solutions, we achieved an impressive 20% average reduction in total cloud spend while ensuring compliance with HIPAA and regulations. By introducing tiered storage solutions and optimizing Amazon EKS environments, we provided a scalable, secure, and cost-effective foundation for our client’s operations. These efforts not only improved cost efficiency but also enhanced data security and regulatory adherence, fostering growth and innovation in healthcare.

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